Isimi Lagos The Village

Isimi Lagos is the perfect place for both work and play. It's a perfect fusion of technology, architecture, and nature, but of course, nature takes centre stage. Isimi Lagos The Village give you access to own One & Two Bedroom Maisonettes in the heart of a wellness city.

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About Isimi Lagos The Village

Isimi Lagos The Village One is a premium off-plan property project that was launch in October 2021. It consists of One & Two Bedroom Massionnette.

Isimi Lagos by Landwey epitomizes wellness and luxurious family living. The Isimi Lagos The Village allows people to have their ideal lifestyle, surrounded by natural beauty with breathtaking scenery. 

The homes at Isimi Lagos The Village are built for individual tastes & come with memories pre-loaded.

This is part of what you stand to gain when you invest with a company that prioritizes appreciation, Infrastructural and Estate Development.

Isimi Lagos The Village is one of the top off plan properties in Epe Lagos with some ongoing strategic development around the location.

Isimi Lagos Landwey The Village Development Is Positioned For…

For those looking for a unique property with a fresh look and a contemporary edge, Isimi Lagos Epe is the perfect choice. 

If you’re looking to buy off plan property in epe lagos, Isimi Lagos The Village should be in your portfolio.

Do you know the 5 things to tick off, before investing in real estate?

I’ll tell you what they are…

And why Isimi Lagos The Village, tick all the boxes.

Number 1: Location, Location, Location.

Investing in real estate requires careful consideration of location.

In a city, property will appreciate faster than in a village with no development. This is an unwritten law of real estate investing.

Located in an area that is rapidly developing, Isimi Lagos The Village is a prime property. The city of Epe is rapidly growing.

Number 2: Proximity To Developments

As Isimi Lagos Village is near various developments, it will generate huge returns on investment over time.

Epe will see rapid development as a result of the new Lekki-Epe International Airport, similar to the effects MM2 Airport had on Ikeja.

Number 3: cost of the property

As a smart investor, you should grab a property that has just been introduced to the market, or that is currently available for a great price.

During the next few weeks, the price of the property will boom just like before, and you would have benefited from the investment.

Currently, Isimi Lagos The Village is hot on the market. It’s priced below market value, with limited slots available.

Number 4: Infrastructures around the property

The amenities of Isimi Lagos include renewable energy, forestry, lakeside views, farm shops, recreation centres, hiking paths, spas, tech valleys, workspaces, an Olympic-size swimming pool, and eco-friendly transportation.

Everything you need to make memories with friends and family.

Number 5: property Title

When a property comes with a Certificate Of Occupancy, that is not the kind of property that you should ignore.

As a smart investor, you know the title of a property is what guarantees your security and peace of mind from omoniles wahala.

Isimi Lagos The Village comes with a secured Certificate Of Occupancy. 

Residents of Isimi Lagos The Village can enjoy a variety of amenities in a fully serviced estate. 

Currently, this is one of the best epe off plan properties available for sale.

Our Mission At Priment Realty…

…is to empower our clients with only trusted, verified & exceptional real estate opportunities that’ll guarantee maximum return on investment, constant appreciation in property value and total peace of mind.

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Investment History At Isimi Lagos The Village

Isimi Lagos The Village was Launch October 2021, by Landwey. Very soon, a price review will be done and those smart investors who got some units will have profited.

A lot of smart investors are jumping on it, because it is a unique offer most investors couldn’t refuse.

The best predictor of future performance, is past performance.

Isimi The Village One Bedroom Maisonette Current Price


Isimi The Village One Bedroom Maisonette Current Price


Imagine the profit that will be gained from investing in this property.

The property value is going up as new developments are springing up around the location.

The next best time to get a slot of Isimi Lagos The Village is now.

Features At Isimi Lagos The Village

Good road network

Drainage system

Perimeter Fence

Clean & Green Areas

24 Hours Electricity

Armed Security Post

Clean Drinking Water

Estate With Golf

Lakeside view

Instant Land Allocation

Waste Management

Well equipped Gym

Ultra modern Infrastructure

Strategically Located Property

Return On Investment

Land Title (C-of-O)

All-inclusive Price (No Fees)

12 Months Payment Plan

Safe Hiking paths

Olympic size pool

Eco friendly transportation

Destination Wedding

Tech valley / workspace

Renewable energy

Isimi Lagos The Village Price

One Bedroom Maisonette


Two Bedroom Maisonette


Flexible Payment Plan of 12 Months with ZERO INTEREST rates

***Zero Obligation or Agency Fee

Experience Isimi Lagos The Village

Why You Should Invest In Isimi Lagos The Village

Sustainable & Wellness City

Having a city that is punctuated by an all-natural lake means city dwellers can enjoy a variety of activities, from kayaking to family picnics, and residents who have dreamed of destination weddings can enjoy the waterfront, which makes for an ideal wedding venue.


Low vacancy rates due to steadily rising demand and high urbanization. Including the high development going on around the location, will definitely increase the value of the property within a few months time and many more years to come.


The success of development depends on a lot of its location, and this property is strategically location within one of the most prominent spots in Epe, Lagos, the current hotspots for real estate in Lagos, Nigeria.


Cash is key for every family and individual. This property gives you the opportunity to earn income through rental and shortlet. The demand for shortlet is rising, which gives you an avenue to increase your cash flow.


It is a safe haven for investors seeking a hedge against inflationary trends. High capital appreciation levels year-on-year as the location remains an investment destination for both local and foreign investors… Including the ongoing developments.


Technology is improving our lives every day, and most of us can't do without some tech in our lives. That's why the developer of this estate has decided to include some facilities to make living here feel like heaven on earth.

Technology emboldened by nature

Isimi Lagos is home to a vibrant tech community who live and work at the tech valley. Steady and speedy Internet, uninterrupted power supply and functional workspaces are a given in that tech valley.

Isimi Lagos The Village Layout

One Bedroom Maisonette

Isimi Lagos The Village One Bedroom Maisonette Layout

Two Bedroom Maisonette

Isimi Lagos The Village Two Bedroom Maisonette Layout

Layout Of Isimi Lagos The Village

Isimi Lagos - Isimi Lagos Epe - Isimi Lagos Origin One - Isimi Lagos The Village - Isimi Lagos Price

Brochure Of Isimi Lagos The Village

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Questions About Isimi Lagos Epe

Eastland Golf Estate Abijo Lekki

Arkbridge Integrated Limited is the Developer.

There are two clusters available

Premium, 250sqm = N8M / 500sqm = N15.5M

Regular, 250sqm = N7M / 500sqm = N13.5M


  • Availability: Limited slots
  • Choice Location within the estate
  • Proximity to Green Areas, Golf Course, etc
  • Corner Piece Plots are considered Premium
  • Registered Survey
    Deed of Assignment
  • Development fee
  • Free Architectural Consultancy
  • Allocation: 0 – 60 days
  • Payment Plan: up to 12 months
  • Initial Deposit: N4M
  • Provisionary Survey
  • Deed of Assignment
  • Development fee
  • Free Architectural Consultancy
  • Allocation: 0 – 12 months
  • Payment Plan: up to 12 months
  • Initial Deposit: N3M

Yes (12 months instalment plans)

Our payment plans are 12 months interest Free.

You can be given discount based on bulk purchase, you need to get in touch for this bulk offer.

You get an offer letter

You get a receipt of purchase upon outright payment.

You get invoices on instalment payment.

You get a welcome letter.

You get a contract of sale.

You get a provisional allocation letter upon complete payment.

You get provisional survey and deed of assignment upon physical allocation of regular plot.

You get registered survey and deed of assignment upon physical allocation of premium plot.


Yes we can. We at Priment Realty will ship your documents to you, ANYWHERE YOU’RE IN THE WORLD – Without any additional cost.

Allocation of premium plot is within 0-60 days upon complete payment while.

Allocation for regular plot is in 0 – 12 months and upon complete payment

There are no restrictions to type of building you can build in Eastland golf estate, in as much as you build based on our building regulations as approved by Lagos building regulatory body.

There are no other charges as the cost is all-inclusive.

Give us a call on 080xxtk or fill the form here, and we’ll hold your hands as you invest in your new real estate property.

Concretized Road Networks, Recreational centre, Sport center, Drainage network system, Waste Management, Electricity and Security etc.

Yes we can, we’re here to help you with the process.

Call us or just fill the form here, and we’ll set up a date for your (physical / virtual) inspection.

Yes, the road to Eastland golf estate is motor able.

It’s 8 mins drive to the road.

You can start building immediately after allocation.

For our fees, we always prefer your happy review of how satisfied you’re with our service & a referral, compared to accepting an agency fee for lands.

So we don’t demand for agency fee for land purchase. Thanks

It starts with booking a call with us, in other for us to know your unique needs, so that we can help you with our Property Investment Matrix (See below) – without losing money to scams or getting your fingers burnt.

Property Investment Matrix™

This is our SECRET FORMULA for providing exceptional service, strategy and hand-holding to our clients, so that their investments in verified & trusted real estate properties will be seamless & profitable.

Step 1: Consult

Book a call with us to discuss your real estate investment needs.

Step 2: Identify

During the consultation, we’ll uncover your investment needs.

Step 3: Analyse

We swiftly rush into action to get the verified properties that meet your needs.

Step 4: Present

You’ll see your next investment through physical inspection or virtual tour.


Congrats, your new property is ready & we’ll take care of the paperwork

Step 6 : Support

As a client, we’re prepared to give you all the necessary support you need.

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