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Own A New Home With Our Affordable Home Ownership Solution, Starting With ₦4M* Deposit For Unique Off Plan Properties

Perfect For Investors Looking To Increase Their Portfolio Or First-time House Buyers That Don’t Want To Waste Time Saving A 100% Deposit While House Prices Continue To Skyrocket.

* ₦4M* Deposit Depends On The Type Of Home You Choose & When You Get One Of Our Affordable Off Plan Homes, You’ll Be Eligible To Receive Up To N550,000* Of Exclusive Bonus Inclusions

As A Real Estate Investor…

…these properties will increase the value of your portfolio today and in many years to come, and also become a positive cash flow if you follow our property strategy.

The Perfect Off Plan Property You Can Easier Resell In Case You Need Cash Fast

Traditionally, the only way to get cash quickly was to sell your property. The process was usually long and difficult. That is, until the introduction of cash for houses companies & ready to buy investors.

Cash for houses companies is growing in popularity as a quick and easy way to get money fast.

Some people worry that they will not be able to resell their property if they need cash fast in the future, but with affordable off plan properties like these, that won’t be a concern because people are available to buy your property.


Finally, You’ll Get A Chance To Acquire An Affordable Property Before It Hits The Market

The housing market is a competitive space for investors looking for the best deal. It’s difficult to find an affordable property before it’s snatched up by somebody else because are search for “off plan property lagos”.

Luckily, we’re giving an unfair advantage over other real estate investors, so that you can get the property you want before it’s too late.

Our Hot Product Database is always updated with verified and new properties for investors who want properties that’ll develop and appreciate fast – so that they can cash out or keep holding to increase their portfolio value.  

Are you looking for an affordable property with high returns? Let's help with the off plan purchase process today!

Increase the value of your portfolio with these affordable off plan properties!

* ₦4M* Deposit Depends On The Type Of Home You Choose & When You Get One Of Our Affordable Off Plan Homes, You’ll Be Eligible To Receive Up To N550,000* Of Exclusive Bonus Inclusions

As A Home Buyer…

…these properties will propel you to a stage of freedom (own a home) only a few citizens can achieve, and also serves as a strategic investment into your family's future.

Sick Of Renting? It's Time To Own Your Own Home.

If you thought it was impossible to own your first home… then, you need to take advantage of our Affordable Home Ownership Solution! 

Right now, eligible first home buyers, just like you, are on their way to owning a stylish brand-new off-plan house with just a N4M* deposit and spread the payment over 6, 12 and 18 months. 

Buying a house off plan will be one of the biggest investments you ever make, so it’s important to do it right this time. 


We’ve Helped Others Move Into Their Home Joyfully

Never worry about another rental inspection or ask your landlord for permission just to hang a picture frame or repaint your house. 

Our property expert will walk you through our unique solution & help you choose off plan properties for sale with payment plan while you’re on the way to owning your very own next home.

So whether you have been stuck in the rental trap or want to break away from mum, dad, roommates houses, or just want to finally own your home – there has never been a better time to make the move. 

Is this your chance to become a homeowner at last? Spots are limited, check out the off plan houses for sale now!

Turn your dream of owning your own home into reality. 

* ₦4M* Deposit Depends On The Type Of Home You Choose & When You Get One Of Our Affordable Off Plan Homes, You’ll Be Eligible To Receive Up To N550,000* Of Exclusive Bonus Inclusions

Don’t Waste Years Saving 100% Deposit While House Prices Continue To Skyrocket!

Right now, we have a rare and generous opportunity for home buyers who want to buy & own a stylish & affordable house in Lagos for less.

Why? Because this is an off plan property that will soon be completed. Once it’s completed, it’ll instantly become more valuable. 

And those first 50 people who buy one of these new houses will start with just N4m* deposit and spread the payments for 6, 12, 18 months – and even customize the home to their taste, because it’s your house. 

If you’re interested in buying a house in Lagos…

But feel like it won’t be worth it, because you might not get a home that’s well-built or easy to resell for liquidity. 

Or maybe, you’re afraid of losing your money to property fraud and then getting disturbed by extortion officers & government sanctions. 

Don’t worry, because we’ve taken these challenges off your shoulders with our new solution…  


Affordable Home Ownership Solution

By Priment Realty

This is a unique, ground-breaking offer designed to help you get your off plan property investment fast with the Property Investment Matrix™ Process + Hot Property Database™…

…including a flexible payment plan that fits your needs… and kick off the project with N4M* Deposit.

We make this possible by partnering with trusted developers in Nigeria with solid track records that have helped thousands of families move into their own home, even when they thought it might not have been possible.

We have different property types and in different price ranges to fit your needs. Tell us what you want, let’s get to work and get you the property you desire.

* ₦4M* Deposit Depends On The Type Of Home You Choose & When You Get One Of Our Affordable Off Plan Homes, You’ll Be Eligible To Receive Up To N550,000* Of Exclusive Bonus Inclusions

Our Mission At Priment Realty…

…is to empower our clients with only trusted, verified & exceptional real estate opportunities that’ll guarantee maximum return on investment, constant appreciation in property value and total peace of mind.

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Looking For Off Plan Houses For Sale In Lekki? We Cover Every Dream Location In Lagos

Priment Realty is Nigeria's leading trusted real estate investment company & we’ve relationships with all the leading developers to get you access to prime off-plan properties. So, you’ll be able to find a great house on the island or Mainland.


Our Hot Property Database™ Have A Property For Every Budget

You can choose from a range of affordable homes that come in 1 bed, 2, 3, 4 & 5 bedrooms at different price ranges with 6 months to 24 months payment plan. You can choose the bedrooms according to your budget & location during our consultation.


Houses Built With State Of The Art Facilities

Properties with the latest innovations for you, your family, and your future. Finally, enjoy our resort-style amenities available in our Affordable Home Ownership Solution properties.



We Partner With Nigeria’s Leading Real Estate Developers

We know that there are many real estate developers with off plan properties to choose from. That’s why we pride ourselves on partnering with the best ones who have a track record of providing the best off plan investment in Lagos.

Property Investment Matrix™

This is our SECRET FORMULA for providing exceptional service, strategy and hand-holding to our clients, so that their investments in verified & trusted real estate properties will be seamless & profitable.

Step 1: Consult

Book a call with us to discuss your real estate investment needs.

Step 2: Identify

During the consultation, we’ll uncover your investment needs.

Step 3: Analyse

We swiftly rush into action to get the verified properties that meet your needs.

Step 4: Present

You’ll see your next investment through physical inspection or virtual tour.


Congrats, your new property is ready & we’ll take care of the paperwork

Step 6 : Support

As a client, we’re prepared to give you all the necessary support you need.

Exclusive Access To Trusted Partners & Bonus Inclusions

As part of our customer appreciation initiative, we reward everyone we help to become a happy property owner with exclusive bonuses & partners to make their homeownership process swift & enjoyable. (YOU CAN'T FIND THIS OFFER ANYWHERE)




* ₦4M* Deposit Depends On The Type Of Home You Choose & When You Get One Of Our Affordable Off Plan Homes, You’ll Be Eligible To Receive Up To N550,000* Of Exclusive Bonus Inclusions

Moses Uche - Priment Realty

Hi, I’m Moses Uche, With Priment Realty

The real estate consultant, who helps smart investors, home buyers & Nigerians abroad invest in only trusted, verified & exceptional real estate opportunities without getting your fingers burnt. 

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